Kata Beach

Kata Beach features clear water and white sand, and the price of Kata Beach is indeed much more reasonable; there are fewer water projects on the beach and it is less noisy. You can rent a mat and an umbrella to lie on the beach for an afternoon. The people of Kata Beach are much less than that of Patong Beach, and the beach is much cleaner. The Kata Beach is a long strip shape and there are mostly European and American tourists. It is more suitable for swimming in Kata Beach. The coastline here is long, and the water is much clearer than Patong Beach. The sand here is very delicate, and you can also put the Kongming Lantern in the light here, which costs 50 RMB.

Do you expect a dreamy honeymoon vacation in Thailand?

There are seafood and barbecue for sale on the beach too, so you can grill seafood here, then rent a lounge chair, lie on the sun and eat delicious seafood, which is so pleasant. Moreover, in Kata Beach, you can also carry out activities such as surfing here. If you are interested, you can try it. For Kata Beach, this beach is about 1 km long, the sea is very clean, it is not crowded and the scenery is amazing. It is livelier than Karon Beach, and there are more items to play in Kata Beach.

Kata Beach is one of the 3 most popular beaches in Phuket. Compared to Karon Beach, Kata is smaller and on Kata Beach you can see a small island. You can stay 2 nights at Kata Beach, then you can see the sunset in the evening and go to the beach in the morning. The Kata beach’s sand is also very soft, much better than that of many other beaches. Kata Beach is perfect for leisurely travelling.

Behind the Kata beach, it is the dense coconut grove with beautiful view. There are many Europeans and Americans sunbathing on the beach, it is definitely eye-catching and enjoyable while you are travelling in Kata Beach.

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