Wuzhen Water Town

Wuzhen is still pretty, I think the most beautiful time is early morning, and evening, and from around 9:00 am to noon there are the least people in the scenic spot as it is hot, after all, but it is convenient for you to take pictures as you don’t feel very crowded. The Wuzhen Theatre is also very local. The old people inside are here to listen to the drama every day. Although you maybe can’t understand the Jiangnan dialect, the songs they sing are also very good. The snacks in Wuzhen are not expensive, and the lamb noodles are highly recommended as the Lamb is super delicious! The onion steamed stuffed bun is also very cheap, which is around 2 Yuan. Be sure to go to the theater to listen to the drama, to keep quiet, or you will be criticized, the tea inside costs 5 Yuan/cup.

Wuzhen Water Town is mainly divided into two banks: East Bank and West Bank. The scenery of West Bank is more beautiful than that of East Bank. The scenery of East Bank is similar to that of local residents. Old Street does not require tickets. Then West Bank is larger than East Bank, you can spend a day in it, but East Bank just takes around an hour to finish your trip there.

The night view of West Bank is also very beautiful, and you will usually take a look at the night scene at West Bank. Of course, if you live in the West Bank area, you don’t need it. However, the price of staying for one night in West Bank may be more expensive than the outside. The surrounding small bar and some snack bar decoration are very emotional, the cost is reasonable, and not too expensive.

When you make your tour to Wuzhen Water Town, don’t forget to stay one night in the West Bank to appreciate the beautiful night view there. You will feel it enjoyable and captivating.

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