Tongli Ancient Town

The Tongli Ancient Town area is not large, the circumference is about 3 kilometers, and people touring there generally walk on foot. In addition, you can also pay a manpower tricycle tour. In the ancient town, there is now a Wufu water boat tour that needs to be paid for, and the route covers the ancient town and Luoxingzhou.

The entrance to Tongli Ancient Town is on the south side of the scenic spot. After entering, you can see the landscape of the small bridge and water flowing in the ancient town. The Third Bridge with unique shapes and long history is in the center of the ancient town. The town’s joint ticket now contains nine major attractions, including Tuisi Garden, Pearl Tower Garden, Songshiwu Garden, Taihu Water Conservancy Exhibition Hall, Chongbentang, Jiayintang, Gengletang, Luoxingzhou and other attractions scattered throughout the ancient town. Tongli ancient town has exquisite and small gardens, celebrities’ former residences, and special exhibition halls, you can walk to visit one by one in the ancient town. Luo Xingzhou is a small island on the east side of the ancient town, where you can burn incense and worship Buddha. It takes 20 minutes to walk from the ancient town to the pier for boat trips. Tickets for taking the boat are also included in the joint ticket.

If you want to play in Tongli Ancient Town for two days, you can stay there for one night. There are many homestays in the town. Among them, Jingyitang Inn on Fuguan Street and Enzetang Inn on Zhuxing Street are famous, which are rebuilt from old houses and the price is between 100-200 yuan/night, and you will have antique feeling when staying there. However, although the accommodation in the ancient town has its own characteristics, the facilities are not as good as the hotels outside. There are budget hotels to choose from near the West Lake Road on the east side of the ancient town.

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