Xitang Ancient Town

In particular, it is important to emphasize that after 16:30 on weekdays in Xitang Scenic Area, and after 21:00 on holidays, you can enter into the Xitang Ancient Town free of charge. You can enter and leave at will. If you want to save your time, you can consider your own time. The attractions of the joint ticket are actually not good-looking, it is mainly walking around the ancient town to enjoy the scenery of Jiangnan water town. You can choose to drink tea in the teahouse by the river, chat with your friends, watch the water town landscape, relax your mood, or you can choose a music restaurant to feel the leisure of the folk songs. You can freely slow down your pace, walk and stop to feel the charm of the ancient town; you can also live in the ancient town for one night to experience the changes in the ancient town. The food inside the ancient town is not too expensive, not as scary as that of the general scenic spot, and you can taste the snacks there.

The interesting thing of Xitang is that you can take beautiful photos, although there are so many people from morning till night, you can take a very nice picture when you go to the bridge.

The Xitang ancient town is the representative of the Jiangnan water town. It is very nice and beautiful. There are water, boats, and bridges. It’s a bit like the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival. It’s very nice. The night view is also very beautiful. It’s very lively. Of course, there are many people here. The food is also second to none. Many delicious gourmets, including whitewater fish, lotus chicken, sauce-fried screws. You can eat at the restaurant in Xitang’s Mengli Water Village. The taste is very good. And you trip will be very good.

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