Meijiawu Tea Plantation

Meijiawu is connected to the only mountain road in the city Longjing, where you can see bicycles, cars and pedestrians. Inadvertently, there will be a low-speed sports car whistling, and you will often see a masked man wearing helmet and tight clothes and passing by. However, in their vision, the green is like a running water. Only walking on foot there can you make a detailed view. The roadside children play in the water happily. The new people join hands to meet the sweet smile of the sun. The tourists look down the load and look up the sky. And the old man walks on the flat mountain road with his bag on his shoulder. Compared to this unchanging forest, the walking pedestrians are like flowing water, the constant thing is every tree here, and every tea plantation stands quietly here, watching the quietness of Hangzhou in the changing colors and length of the sky. In the afternoon, the clouds are awesome. When there is wind, the leaves are shaking. When it rains, it is dripping into the river. In different seasons, you can always see its different beauty. Meijiawu is a place where you are willing to take the time to date it.

Meijiawu is the place where you would like to buy Longjing tea. If it is a weekend, the road is crowded with vehicles that come to the mountain. The tea houses and farmhouses run by the local villagers are full of visitors. You can see the tea farmers holding the wok along the way and frying the green tea with their hands to make the well-looking and fragrant Longjing tea.

The authentic Longjing tea of Meijiawu, the charming porcelain of Longquan cave dwelling, the warm hospitality of the local people, all of them will make your trip to Meijiawu full of joy. In fact, in addition to enjoying those processes from drinking tea, there is peace. You will like it.

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