Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill’s natural scenery is absolutely excellent. From South Gate, various legends and historical related sites and literati’s calligraphy stone carvings can be seen everywhere, and there are many illustrative facilities. Especially the true “Sword Pool”, the fake “Tiger Hill” allusion, are interesting. The iconic Yunyan Temple Tower, which was built in the Five Dynasties, silently watches every visitor entering the mountain gate. The more visitors get close to the millennium ancient tower, the more you will feel the vitality of the tower. For thousands of years, the Yunyan Temple Tower has been ushered every guest who has come here. It is no wonder that Yunyan Temple has long ceased to exist, and ancient tower has always stood in the ancient city of Suzhou.

Tiger Hill is located on a small hill with woods and green grass. Walking up the avenue, you can see the scenic spots on the roadside. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery all the way. You can walk along the stairs to the Guanyin Temple, a garden, and some attractions. And there is an exhibition hall which is dedicated to the history stories of the Tiger Hill. There are many literati famous people who have been to Tiger Hill. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can see the Yunyan Temple Tower at a close distance. It can only be viewed outside and cannot enter the tower. It is a very great building, it is truly an amazing architectural accomplishment of the ancients!

After finishing your visit in Tiger Hill, you need to take a bus from the South Gate to the North Gate, so you have the opportunity to feel the forest scenery around the hillside avenue of Tiger Hill. There is a straight erected forest with a clear and wide river next to it. You can see the boat passing by on the water, which is a great enjoyment! Enjoying the beauty of the Tiger Hill and feeling the elegance of the ancient literati, you will feel Tiger Hill worth a visit!

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