Nanxun Watertown

For the Jiangnan water town, you will feel it an ancient town when you are passing through. Many times, the Jiangnan water towns in our minds are often occupied by small bridges and water, and are monopolized by powder walls. In fact, the same ancient town, with different foundations, has an unusual cultural charm. The essence of Nanxun is that it was the bud of Chinese capitalism. Nanxun Watertown is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, Huzhou, and it is rich in silk and has the best quality. The Nanxun people have long been rich in silk and become wealthy giants. Because of the rich, there is an opportunity to go abroad and get in touch with Western society. Because of the sedimentation, every stone and bridge, brick and watt, is more and more heavy under the influence of historical atmosphere, but in any case, Nanxun Ancient Town is a place worth visiting.

For the meal and accommodation in Nanxun Ancient Town

There are also several hand workshops on the street where you can buy local specialties and snacks. Along the Nandong Street, after passing through the Silk Industry Hall, the right-hand side is the Bianmin Road. There are many snack bars on the road, especially the noodle restaurants. You can taste a bowl of noodles with the Jiangnan characteristics.

If you want to stay in Nanxun for one night, you can choose the special inn there. The Liuyinlu Inn on the east side of the Baijian Building was rebuilt in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. It has front and back courtyards and is an authentic garden house, which is very famous, and the price of the standard room is about 200 Yuan/night. On the east side, there are also several inns which are built along the river, and they are simple and elegant. However, the price of accommodation in the ancient town should be slightly higher. If you want to stay at a cheap price, you can walk for ten minutes to Tai’an Road or Tongxin Road next to the ancient town. There are many hotels and the prices are quite affordable.

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