Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Tickets for Hong Kong Disneyland Resort can be purchased online (it seems to be more than 400 RMB), and the seller will send you an email so as to enter the resort. After you get off the subway, before you enter the gate, you will feel that the subway station has a strong Disney atmosphere, which will make you as happy as a child. And you will feel even excited the moment you walk into the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Walking into the main gate of the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, you can see a large fountain. A splash of water from a whale will rise up the Mickey on the surfboard, and it is surrounded by Disney’s various statues. There are some travel guides online that recommend everyone to go right and turn counterclockwise. It turns out that this kind of guide is correct, and many popular items are in the first area on the right. The staff at Disney are very sweet and kind, so you can talk to them and take a photo with a balloon.

The play section needs to cross the American town street, so you can go straight to the tomorrow world plate after the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort opens at 10 o’clock at the right hand. And you can take the small train in the Disneyland to explore the panoramic view of Disney. The train stops for two stops, one stop is at the town near the main entrance, and the one stop is the opposite of the fantasy world. There are street performances scattered in every corner of the park, but not all of them can be caught up, and it is full of surprises everywhere.

Disney at night is also very beautiful. The meal coupons can be bought online in advance and redeemed in the Disney. For the restaurant inside, it is highly recommended to taste the Royal Ballroom and the Great Adventure Restaurant.

Finally, if you want to have good experience in Disney, you must avoid the high-peak during holidays.

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