Shuhe Ancient Town

The Shuhe ancient town is sparsely populated, with beautiful scenery, quiet environment, clear water and excellent reflection. The ditch of the ancient town is also beautifully landscaped. The Jiuding Longtan attraction in the town is a must-see attraction during your visit to Shuhe Ancient Town. You can see the crystal-clear water in the pool, where the swimming fish is also clearly visible, pool water and reflection are so beautiful! When you feel tired, at the yogurt shop next to the bridge head, you can buy a cup of fruit yogurt to drink, while sitting on the balcony, and appreciating the white snow on the top of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which make you feel very enjoyable.

For the Shuhe Ancient Town, lots of visitors feel that it is the most comfortable place. While you are staying at the inn inside the town, you are not required to pay maintenance fees. The inn is cheap and the landscape is good. You can see all the scenic spots, including the sunrise and sunset, and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which all are free. Jiulongquan’s water flows down the village, which is crystal clear, and you can see flowers and scenery everywhere. And you will enjoy the slow life there.

Compared to the Lijiang Ancient Town, the Shuhe Ancient Town is much quieter, which is like a sleeping child, and the adults are not willing to bother her. Along the way, there are full of flowers in front of the house, and the playful bougainvillea always stretch out of the hospital. The grooms are riding horses or chasing the carriages on the small roads of the house. It seems that people are telling the past and present life of this town. The ancient tea-horse roads gathered by businessmen naturally appear in front of you.

At the northwest end of Shuhe, Jiuding Longtan, Qinglong River and Shuhe River originate here. The sound of the water is clear and cheerful, and it is quietly secreted here The freshness of the flowers, the smell of the soil, the moisture of the stream, make everything so beautiful here in the Shuhe Ancient Town.

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