Wuyi Mountains

If you spend two days playing in the Wuyi Mountains, here are some tips for your itinerary there:

For the day 1, at noon, you can take the high-speed train to Wuyishan east station, then take the K1 bus, and arrive at the Vienna Hotel near the south gate of the scenic spot in 40 minutes. After the baggage, you can simply have lunch opposite the hotel. After the meal, take the electric three-wheeled to the scenic spot, which will cost around 10 yuan. After entering the Wuyi Mountains scenic area, take the tour bus to Tianyou peak in the Tianyou Peak direction. Tianyou Peak is the elite spot on the Wuyishan Road, the peak is high and the road is steep, and don’t forget enjoy the half-mountain view with the classic scenery. When you go down the mountain, just don’t go back the same way. The terrain is relatively flat, and you can take a sightseeing bus to the south gate of the scenic spot at 17:00 o’clock, and Wuyi Mountains will be closed at 18:00 o’clock. After dinner, you can visit the local tea farmer’s house and enjoy tea.

For the day 2, just get up early in the morning, go out at 8 o’clock from the north gate, enter the north gate of the scenic spot, take a shuttle bus to Huxiao Rock, which has two routes of the mountaineering and going downhill. After going down the HuXiao Rock, go straight to the first line sky to have a visit. For the bamboo rafting experience at noon, it is recommended spending 2 hours, then in the afternoon, take a visit to the Dahongpao and Water Curtain Cave.

2-day trip planning is still compact for your tour to Wuyi Mountains. The scenic area management is in place, no matter taking car or other aspects, they will leave you very good travel experience.

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