Siberian Tiger Park

Harbin’s Siberian Tiger Park is the world’s largest breeding base for the Siberian Tiger. In addition to many Siberian Tiger, there are white tigers, lions, ligers, jaguars, wolves and other beasts. People can learn about all aspects of the life of the Siberian Tiger by visiting the car garage area and the pedestrian zone.

After entering the park, firstly you can take a special vehicle with an iron fence to enter the sightseeing car area. You will see the Siberian tigers in groups or alone. You can also see white tigers, lions and other beasts. Visitors can buy live chickens to feed the tigers, then watch the wild scenes of the tigers rushing up to eat.

After about 20 minutes of driving, the vehicle arrives at the pedestrian zone. The main thing is to look at the Siberian tigers in the cage, and other animals such as lions and leopards, and you can observe their lives at close quarters, and see the little tigers. In the pedestrian zone, you can buy meat strips to feed the beasts in the cage. Don’t forget to record this process with your camera.

At the entrance of the Siberian Tiger Park, there is also a free open Siberian Tiger Science Museum, which displays various specimens, pictures and texts about the Siberian Tiger Park. Here you can learn more about this precious species.

There are live chickens for sale in the park (about 60 yuan/piece) and beef strips (about 20 yuan/piece) for tourists to feed the tigers. The scene that tigers eating the live chickens can be seen on the sightseeing car, but because the iron fence blocks the sight, it is inconvenient to take photos. If you want to take the photos of feeding the tiger, it is recommended to buy a meat strip to feed the tiger in the pedestrian zone.

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