The Ice and Snow World

If you arrive at the Ice and Snow World at about 14:00 pm, it will be just right, because the lights in the garden will only be on after 16:30, and when the weather is the warmest at 14:00 pm, you can take some photos of the ice lights.

Then you can watch the “Harbin Ice Performance” at 17:00, this performance is so wonderful that you cannot miss it. Playing outside in the Ice and Snow World for more than 2 hours is already the limit, and it will begin to get cold when the sun goes down, so you can ease yourself by watching the performance inside; and this performance is not bad. It was played by a French team, which is still famous. The show lasts about 40 minutes, and when you come out, it is time that all the ice lights are open, and it is so dazzling.

Ice and snow World temperature will be much lower than outside, so try to wear more clothes. There are a variety of exciting and fun projects such as ultra-long ice slides and snow circles etc. Many people line up. If you want to experience all the projects there, try to come early. The Ice and Snow World opens at 11:00 am and closes at 21:00 pm. Not so many people there at the beginning of the morning, so you can have fun.

During the day, the ice and snow world has a general effect, and mainly for playing projects. At 16:00 o’clock in the afternoon, the lights are turned on, because it is already dark, and the ice and snow world after the lights turned on like the new world. The ice sculptures are magnificent, exquisite, colorful and beautiful. There are many unexpected ice sculptures inside. There is large ice sculpture which looks like a castle that allows visitors to go on and watch it. There are also small ice sculptures that are carved into various interesting patterns or meanings. This is a very large amount of engineering. If you have the chance, you should witness the grandeur of it.

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