Qinglong Cave

Qinglong Cave Ancient Building Complex is located in Zhonghe Mountain, east of the Zhenyuan Ancient Town, the famous historical and cultural city of China. Here the mountains are tall and straight, and the cliffs, rocks, caves are integrated as a whole.

The Qinglong Cave Ancient Building Complex was built in the middle of the Ming Dynasty and has a history of more than 500 years. It is a famous monument in Guizhou. Qinglong Cave Scenic Area consists of six parts: Qinglong Cave, Ziyang Academy, Zhongyuan Temple, Wanshou Palace, Zhusheng Bridge and Lotus Pavilion. There are 35 single buildings, including Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Guild Hall, Bridge and Ramp Architectural culture in one.

This cave is built on the mountain and is the best place to overlook the town. It is also the best location for photography. The mountain is not big, the slope is a little big, and there are towers on it. Basically, people going there is to see the scenery, and there is something about Taoism.

From the train station to Qinglong Cave, it is very convenient. After you go out of the station, you can go directly to take the bus No. 1 to Zhusheng Bridge. The Qinglong Cave ticket is the 60 yuan, the stone of the stairs is relatively smooth, so the elderly and children need to pay attention to safety when playing there. Because the whole building is built along the mountain, so the aisle will be relatively narrow, and there is a small cave. The scenery in the building of Qinglong Cave is very good. There are several temples, including the Ziyang Academy, Zhang Sanfeng Hall and other buildings. It is recommended to listen to the tour guide so that you can learn a lot about the Qinglong Cave. And those who like enjoying natural scenery, it is highly recommend to take a visit the Qinglong Cave.

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