Zhenyuan Ancient Town

Zhenyuan is a Miao Ancient Town with a long history. The county was built two thousand years ago, and it got the name in the Song Dynasty. Stepping on the blue stone road, you can see the houses on both sides of the strait are built in the water, which are featuring the green bricks, swaying corners and carved beams. Such a small town surrounded by mountains and passing by clear water will make you fall in love with it. Zhenyuan Ancient Town is also the Chinese Mountain Cliff Building Culture Museum. There are many ancient streets in the town, such as Sifang Lane and Fuxing Lane. Because the lanes are winding, intricate and unruly, it has formed a unique residential architectural feature. If the town during the daytime is likened to fresh and beautiful attraction, then the town at night is charming and poetic under the shade of the moonlight and the light. Zhenyuan Ancient Town is not so noisy as Lijiang Ancient Town and West Street of Yangshuo, and there are no crowds, and the bar is relatively quiet. When you overlook from the balcony of the dwellings, in the distance, there are undulating twilight mountains and the boats in the river are dotted with stars, and the crowds are dancing in the pavilion nearby, which make a beautiful picture.

Zhenyuan Ancient Town does not need tickets, and the transportation from Guiyang to the town is very convenient. The scenery is very beautiful and it is very different from the charm of the Fenghuang Ancient Town. The architectural style that being surrounded by the mountains in three sides is also very characteristic. It has been an important route of the Silk Road since ancient times and it has a profound cultural heritage.

The Zhenyuan ancient town is impressive and worth visiting. The Wuyang River is crystal clear and the streets are clean and tidy. On the banks of the Wuyang River in the evening, there are many bars, and you can enjoy the comfortable breeze on the river banks, which is really pleasant.

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