Xijiang Miao Village

The Xijiang Miao Village is connected by more than ten natural villages which were built by mountains. It is currently the largest Miao village in China and in the world. On the upper side of the hillside, there are stacks of Miaojia wooden stilted buildings. The old brown house is in the green mountains. The Baishui River divides the village into two parts. On the side of the river (for the tourists, the left-hand side after entering the gate) it is mainly a commercial pedestrian street. On the other side of the river (on the right-hand side after entering the gate for tourists) is mainly the observation deck for overlooking the village.

After you arrive at the Xijiang Miao Village, you can see the gate with the “Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village” plaque. From this gate to the village, there is a 1.5-kilometer road. You can take a battery car or walk. After 1.5 kilometers, you will see a gate with a plaque that is almost the same as the parking lot. This is the real arrival at the village.

Drink wine first, then enter the village. The first thing to see is the commercial pedestrian street, which sells a wide range of Miao specialties. The most interesting ones are the Miao silver ornaments. The Miao silver craftsmanship is exquisite, and because the texture is relatively low, the price is cheap.

The scenic spot is well built. There is a street for eating snacks, and you can go shopping in the commercial streets, or enjoy the folk customs in the museums. There are singing and dancing performances, there are ancient streets, and there are idyllic scenery, wind and rain bridges, small bridges and flowing waters. The lights on the riverside and the main street have modern colors. The lights of the residents’ houses are like fireflies, which light up the entire hillside. It looks quite spectacular. In short, the whole Miao Village needs to be slowly appreciated.

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