Ocean Park Hong Kong

The Ocean Park Hong Kong is well worth a visit. It is easily accessible by taking the MTR to the Ocean Park. When you go out of the subway exits, there will be staff holding signs and the service is very nice.

Like Disney, Ocean Park is a very classic tourist attraction in Hong Kong and it is worth a visit. It is recommended to download the Ocean Park app before going there. You can check the real-time situation of each venue at any time, and the queue time of the play project and the schedule of the show, so that you can make a reasonable itinerary. The Ocean Park is divided into different areas. From the entrance, it is a dream water, where you can take the ocean train to the dynamic world, the ice world and the rainforest world. You can also take the cable car to the rainforest world and the peak paradise. You can also choose to go to Asia Animal World and Weiwei World first, then return to take the mountain cable car or ocean train to go to other places. In fact, it is more like a zoo. Because there are not only deep-sea animals, but also land animals such as giant panda Anan, golden monkey, snow fox, and peacock, etc. These rare animals are treated very well and are took care by dedicated staff.

In general, Ocean Park Hong Kong is more suitable for older children to play there, because children who are too small cannot play those exciting rides, but watching a variety of animals will also be very happy. The Ocean Park has a good view, and the facilities are perfect and clean. There are many places to eat inside, the charges are reasonable. Both adults and children can play happily for a day in the park. And it is highly recommended to have a play there.

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