Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour has long been a microcosm of Hong Kong’s development. The buildings on both sides represent Hong Kong’s prosperity and the change of power behind it. Mainlanders knowing Hong Kong mainly starts from here. The international convention and exhibition center, city square, international financial gate center, BOC Building and other landmark buildings are magnificent and artistic. The night view is very beautiful, the sea is calm and cool, and sometimes the waves are turbulent, reflecting the brilliance of the two sides. It is graceful and dynamic. There are fireworks shows on major holidays in the Victoria Harbour.

The two sides of Victoria Harbour are Hong Kong’s busiest central business district. After the night, the skyscrapers on both sides of the strait will be illuminated with colorful lights, and the billboards on the exterior walls of the building and the lighting of nearby houses will form a beautiful night view. In 2003, the Hong Kong Tourism Board started the Symphony of Lights and the Xiangjiang River Light Show, which was included in the Guinness Book of World Records. The best way to enjoy the night view of Victoria Harbour is to enjoy in the coast of Tsim Sha Tsui or take a ferry ride.

Touring Victoria Harbour at night has some fun! The lanterns are dazzling and dancing, and the water and light blend together. The unique cruise ship sails past, leaving a long ripple, which is especially beautiful under the illumination of the lights. On the seaside observation deck, the crowds are moving, and the flash lights come and go, smearing a beautiful landscape for the captivating Victoria Harbour. There are many people who take photos in the evening, and don’t forget preparing water and food in advance when you are visiting the Victoria Harbour, as there are very few things to sell around.

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