Mutinyu Great Wall

The Mutianyu Great Wall is located in the Huairou District of Beijing. The Mutianyu Great Wall is connected to the Juyongguan of Beijing Changping in the west and the Gubeikou of Beijing Miyun in the east. It is always a battleground for the military because of the danger of the terrain, enjoying the reputation of “the unique beautiful Great Wall among all the Great Walls”. In general, there are fewer tourists than the Badaling Great Wall, so your mood will be much better when touring here, but the scenery is inferior to the Jinshanling Great Wall. If you want to take a good photo, you still have to go to Jinshanling, but the distance will be far away. If your time is tight, it is not bad to go to Mutianyu to have a visit.

There are 2 suggestions for the Mutianyu Great Wall route: 1) Take the cable car to the No. 6 beacon station, then go all the way to the left. You can go to the No. 21 beacon tower and return to the original road. This route needs enough time and enough strength; 2) Take the cable car to the 14th beacon tower, then go up the No. 21 beacon tower, then return to the original road, to the No. 6 beacon tower, and if you have good health, you can go to the No. 1 beacon tower, and finally go down the mountain from the No. 6 beacon tower. If time is sufficient, you can follow the second route.

Mutianyu Great Wall has been well renovated and is suitable for carrying the old and the young to experience the Great Wall. You can choose the return route according to your physical condition. If you take your tour to Mutianyu during winter, you will feel it bleaker, and there are not many tourists, and most of them are foreign tourists. You can walk on the Mutianyu Great Wall slowly. It is really worthy your visit when you are travelling in Beijing.

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