Shanghai Xintiandi

Some people say that Shanghai Xintiandi is like Beijing Sanlitun. It seems that there is such a point, but it is more formal than Beijing Sanlitun, as Shanghai Xintiandi is full of petty bourgeoisie.

When you get off the subway, you can walk to Xintiandi. The first thing you will see is STARBUCKS. There are a lot of people at the entrance of the store. From time to time, you will see a few foreigners wearing suits, who are very handsome, carrying a briefcase, well dressed, wearing a watch on the wrist. Because their temperament is too elegant, you will be completely attracted by them, and this scene brings a big city workplace atmosphere to tourists who have just arrived in Shanghai.

Xintiandi is based on Shanghai’s unique Shikumen old building. It is an urban tourist attraction with Shanghai’s historical and cultural features and the integration of Chinese and Western features. Xintiandi has fewer shops, most of which are coffee shops and western restaurants. The level of consumption here can be summarized in the simplest sentence. Just drinking coffee, Starbucks may be a cheaper coffee shop here. After entering into Xintiandi, you won’t find any coffee shop cheaper than Starbucks. And the western food will be more expensive in Xintiandi.

When you first arrive in Shanghai, and stroll around the Xintiandi, you will feel it still very sensational. In terms of the architectural style, the old Shiku industrial style is a good place to take pictures. Going to the end of Xintiandi, there will be such an alley on both sides. If you come here at night, the photo taken here will be better.

The construction of Xintiandi is tidier than Tianzifang, because many of them are rebuilt later. Although they are less old, they are also amazing in terms of architecture. If you like taking photos and enjoy fashionable life, Shanghai Xintiandi is a good place for you to have a visit.

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