Humble Administrator Garden

Without viewing garden, it feels like you have never been to Suzhou. Humble Administrator Garde is very delicate in structure and architecture. The details are hidden in the meaning you don’t know. You must once again sigh the wisdom of the ancestors. Modern people are far worse than the ancestors.

Going to an experience hall in the garden, you will hear the tour guide said that there is an embroidered embroidery which is worthy 500,000 RMB. If you are curious, just follow the tour guide entering into it to have a look. Then there are some instructors who are introducing some things about the garden, and they are interesting.

The Humble Administrator’s Garden is the first of all gardens in China. It is said that other gardens are built on the basis of it. After many generations of garden owners, Wang Xianchen of the Ming Dynasty bought this land and built it, and invited the famous Wen Zhengming talented person to be responsible for the design. It is said that because his landscape painting is good, it is not surprising that you will feel the exquisiteness when visiting the garden. Although the ancients did not learn architecture design, they were so good when they transformed the encyclopedic mind into actual works.

The commentator said that you can understand it if you understand it. If you don’t know anything, you really think Humble Administrator’s Garden is just a garden. If you have no cultural knowledge here, you maybe don’t know the history behind the garden. The only thing you think about it is “nothing to go around.” If you want to have a good feeling, it is highly suggested that you spend half a day to view the charm of the garden. This is a place that requires patience, even a second visit, if you still have the opportunity to come over.

Tips: When taking photos of Humble Administrator’s Garden, in addition to avoiding the crowd, you must also learn to use the front scenery reasonably. The photos taken then can be at least hierarchical, virtual and real, full of space and dreams.

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