Hutong Alleyways

The simple alley has not been transformed and is the most authentic face. There are a lot of famous Hutongs in Beijing, such as Maoer Hutong, Bean Hutong, South Downs Hutong, and so on. While shopping, you can also just pass through the alley and go to Shichahai. There is a bright red five-star red flag in the hutong. This is the atmosphere of the festival. This is the feeling of the country and the family. There are many stalls in the hutong that sell candied haws. Come to Beijing, and the candied haws should also be tasted.

If you must feel the Hutong tour, don’t choose an electric car, as before you get on the car, you are told to have one-and-a-half-hour tour time. After a while, the car will take you to a small courtyard and visit at your own expense! And the explanation is also very boring, just is according to the text, the sound is still very small! Be sure to choose the rickshaw driver with qualification certificate!

Sitting on a tricycle, walking down the street, there is really special flavor. As a native of old Beijing, the driver has the pride of the Son of Heaven, and he will tell you the history and culture of Hutong from the past to present. It is true that people living under the imperial city are really good at talking. The hutong tour in the tricycle vision, the old house, the introduction of the Beijing dialect with Beijing accent, all make your trip there enjoyable. In addition to the scenery there, there is more mood.

It seems that every hutong is similar when you are experiencing the Beijing hutong, but in fact it is very different, it is very interesting to stroll. Hutong Tour has a self-funded project, that is sitting in a rickshaw by costing 120 Yuan per person. You can just walk by yourself, go to the depths of the hutong to feel the taste of old Beijing, it is really very special. Going to Beijing, I don’t rent a rickshaw to swim in a hutong, I don’t know how to taste Beijing.

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