Shanghai Tower

In the Shanghai Tower, it costs 180 yuan/person on the 118th floor and 360 yuan/person on the 126th floor. At the 118th floor, the field of view is not very good (if it is sunny, it is really a whole view of Shanghai), even if you are on the 126th floors, you can’t see anything.

The first floor of the Tourism Hall is an exhibition hall introducing the Shanghai Tower, which records the data of the world skyscrapers and the gene bank of the Shanghai Tower. There is a very cool introduction film, and you will be really impressed by this skyscraper. Originally there was a video, but it wants to leave some mystery for everyone, and it is even more shocking on the spot.

The elevator in Shanghai Tower is really great. It doesn’t take a minute to go up to the 118th floor. It seems to be 53 seconds. The main point is that the whole process is very stable. You won’t feel that you are on the 118th floor at a speed of 20.5 meters per second.

After going up to the 118th floor, it basically overlooks the whole of Shanghai. On the 118th floor, overlooking the Oriental Pearl Tower, you will feel it is very short, and the Jinmao Tower is also short. The Shanghai World Financial Center is OK. It is a great thing to have 360 degrees without a dead angle to have a panoramic view, which will make you excited and happy.

There is a souvenir shop in the sightseeing hall, which has a machine that words can be engraved on the back of the commemorative coin. How can you miss it as a commemorative coin collector (in fact, there are two kinds of coins)? Finally, you can choose a one with a strong stereoscopic effect. The bottom of the small sculpture of the building is magnetic. When it is put away, it can be directly put down. It is very cute and very nice.

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