Beijing Olympic Park

Beijing Olympic Park is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, at the northern end of the central axis of Beijing City, north to the south bank of Qinghe River, south to Beitucheng Road, east to Anli Road and Beichen East Road, west to Lincui Road and Beichen West Road. With an area of ​​11.59 square kilometers, it embodies the three major concepts of “Science, Technology, Green and Humanities”. It is a new urban area that combines office, commerce, hotel, culture, sports, conference, and residence.

During the 2008 Olympic Games, there were 10 Olympic competition venues including Bird’s Nest, Water Cube, National Stadium, National Convention Center Fencing Stadium, Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Olympic Sports Center Hall, Yingdong Swimming Hall, Olympic Park Archery Field, Olympic Park Tennis Court, Olympic Park Hockey Field. In addition, there are 7 non-competition venues including the Olympic Main Press Center (MPC), International Broadcasting Center (IBC), Olympic Reception Center, Olympic Village (Paralympic Village), etc. It is a comprehensive public activity center including various functions such as sports events, exhibition centers, science and education culture, leisure shopping.

Beijing Olympic Park has two benefits, attracting many people to come here countless times. The first is that there are plastic tracks in the North Park and South Park. The running feel is very good and the knees will not easily hurt. The second is that the park is very large, even if there are many people, you can find a few quiet places.

The Beijing Olympic Park was built specifically for the Beijing Olympic Games. It is the largest urban park in Beijing. It is currently a natural landscape tourist area for citizens and tourists to relax and explore. Take Metro Line 8 to Forest Park South Gate Station and Lin Cuiqiao Station and get off and walk.

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