Suzhou Museum

As we all know, Suzhou gardens are quite famous, but Suzhou has many other highlights for visits except gardens, ancient towns, small bridges, etc. And if you want to really understand Suzhou, visiting the Suzhou Museum will be the best choice. When you go here, you will never feel the dry grass, because it has long been blended with Suzhou’s white walls and tiles, trees, and plants, because it is a landscape and a piece of art.

Founded in 1960, the Suzhou Museum is located in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom King’s Mansion. It is the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units. It is a complete set of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom historical buildings in China. In 1999, the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government invited the world Chinese architect Mr. Pei Yuming to design the new Suzhou Museum and it completed and opened on October 6, 2006.

The new museum covers an area of about 10,700 square meters. Together with a construction area of more than 19,000 square meters, and the repaired Taiping Heavenly Kingdom King’s Mansion, it features a total area of 26,500 square meters. It is a comprehensive museum integrating modern buildings, ancient architecture, and innovative landscapes.

Winter is the best carrier to come to Suzhou Museum. The light and shadow changes in black and white tones. The lines of colors, the gray elements on the black edges of the white walls, the white sky fragments separated by the outline, the gray roof reflected in the water, and even the transparent light flowing in the space, are the beauty of angular color lines. The structure extended by the triangle is the geometric lines of the building, just like Bach’s music. The basic theme is changing, and the natural and smooth geometric lines are really beautiful!

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