Tiananmen Tower

Tiananmen Tower is located at the northern end of Tiananmen Square. It is a symbol of Beijing and China. It is also a must-see for every visitor to Beijing.

On Tiananmen Square, you can see the standing Tiananmen Tower from afar. Ascending the tower, overlooking the entire Tiananmen Square, and the prosperous Changan Street, you will feel that the view is very good. Taking pictures as a souvenir here will make you have a very wonderful sense of crossing time. The interior of the tower is antique, you can visit the meeting room of that year, and there are graphic exhibitions.

Due to the large number of tourists coming here, traffic is often restricted on the Tiananmen Tower. Visitors can complete the visit by going upstairs from one side and downstairs from the other side. After the tour of Tiananmen Tower, Tiananmen Square also has other attractions such as Monument to the People ’s Heroes, the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum of China etc., all of which are well worth seeing and can be visited together. Cross the Tiananmen Tower and continue north along the central axis, you can also purchase tickets to visit the Forbidden City.

It is also worth mentioning that the night view of the Tiananmen Tower is also very beautiful. When the sightseeing lights are lit, the Tiananmen Tower intersects with other buildings on Tiananmen Square, to be very magnificent.

Special Notes:

1. The security check at Tiananmen Tower is very strict. You need to dress appropriately. You need to present your ID card when buying tickets. Taking photos inside the tower is prohibited. Carry-on luggage must be stored. And the charge to store the luggage is around 2-8 yuan according to the size of your luggage. So, just bring less luggage.

2. During the holidays, Tiananmen East and West stations may be under traffic control. You need to get off at one station in advance or later and walk into Tiananmen to visit.

3. To avoid queues, it is best to avoid holidays and choose to go to Tiananmen Tower off-season.

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