Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

When taking a tour to Zhangjiajie, you are highly recommended to have a visit to the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, whose glass bridge will make your travel there unforgettable.

The entire attraction takes about three and a half hours. Note: 1. It takes nearly 1 hour to depart from Wulingyuan Bus Station, and the bus depart only when it is almost full of people, so it may take a long time to wait for it, and your tour needs count the waiting time. 2, keep in mind to control your time to enter into the scenic spot, because if you miss the time, your ticket cannot be changed, and if you arrive there earlier, you cannot enter into it in advance. 3, a lot of things cannot be brought in, such as mugs, cameras, snacks and so on. Mobile power and selfie sticks are available. There is a deposit at the door, but you can take it only after the whole trip finishes, and then take the free shuttle bus to take you to the place where you enter the scenic spot.

The bridge Bungy of the Grand Canyon is still under construction, and friends who like it can look forward to it. But it is not so recommended to you, because the scenery is really not the best, the scenery on the mountain is not as good as the Tianmen Mountain, Tianzi Mountain, Yangjiajie, Yuanjiajie, and the scenery of the canyon is not comparable to the Golden Whip Creek. The only thing that worthy experiencing is walking on the glass bridge. The bridge, but not scary at all, is not a full transparent glass, it should be inlaid with dozens of transparent glasses in the middle of the frosted glasses. The glass is also not very clear. Compared with the fare, the price/performance ratio is not so high, so it is the least recommended. It is said that the scenery under the bridge is completely invisible on rainy days. But if you still want to explore more there, it is also a good attraction for you.

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