Wu Gorge

Among the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the Wu Gorge is the most beautiful and deepest, and is known for its delicate beauty. It is like a winding gallery. The peaks are full on both sides of the Wu Gorge, the most famous peak of the 12 peaks is the goddess peak, as well as the Golden Helmet Gorge and Tieguan Gorge; besides, the Shennong River and Daning River are also beautiful. When you take the boat to Wuxia, you will find that the scenery changes constantly along the way. After the Three Gorges Dam is filled with water, the Wu Gorge still remains beautiful.

One of the highlights of the play of the Wu Gorge is the viewing of the red leaves of Wushan. The best viewing time is from November to January of the following year. The best shooting location is not on the Three Gorges cruise ship, but near the Qingshi Town opposite the Shennv Peak. You can stay at the Qingshi Town Inn, then ask the innkeeper for the uphill route and the best location for taking pictures of the red leaves of Wushan.

When you make a trip to Wu Gorge, you must ride the cruise ship of the Three Gorges to experience the depths of the Wu Gorge and the peaks there. When the cruise ship passes through the Wu Gorge in the evening, it is the most beautiful time of the Wu Gorge. The early morning and the evening are also the most beautiful time of the Wu Gorge. It is like a winding gallery, which is full of poetry and love. The famous 12 peaks of Wushan are located on both sides of the river, and the twelve peaks are especially famous for the goddess peak. The small stone pillar on the peak is like a slim girl. She is the first to greet the morning glow and finally send away the sunset glow.

The best viewing season of Wu Gorge (including Qutang Gorge and Xiling Gorge) is the autumn and winter season, and the red leaves of Wushan in the late autumn are fascinating.

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