Shennong Stream

When you make your trip to the Shennong Stream, you can also go to the Tianyan Tourist Area and go to the swallow cave to see the variant of the marine animal 100 billion years ago – the short-nosed swiftlet. Today, at your feet is a piece of virgin forest and mountain, and hundreds of millions of years ago, here is the rough sea, so you can experience the feeling of the sea to change into a mulberry field. Of course, the green mountain and the clear water in other tourist areas in the forest area will definitely make your trip enjoyable there, and there are clear streams everywhere, and various wild flowers in the mountains, and the air is full of fresh smell of grass and wood. You can also walk through the valley’s tourist trails, through canyons and peaks to enjoy the fun there (some of the scenic areas also allow self-driving).

The forest area will be heavily snowed in the annual winter season. Some areas in the tourist areas will be closed after heavy snowfall. For example, the Shennongding tourist area only opens the scenic gate-watch tower area after the annual snowfall; Tianyan tourist area will close its regular scenic area during part of the winter every year, and only the ski resorts in the tourist area will be open. Because the annual climate is different, the area and time period that are closed each year are also different. Please call the forest area for consultation and confirmation before going to the Shennong Stream.

If you want to play the main tourist areas (and surrounding attractions) in the Shennong Stream forest area, it will take at least three days.

D1: Play Xiangxiyuan Scenic Spot and Guanmen Mountain. Stay in Muyu Town that night.

D2: Play the entire Shennongding tourist area. Stay in Muyu Town that night. If you are driving by car, you can drive to Hongping Town in the north.

D3: Visit Hongping Gallery and Tianyan Tourist Area.

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