Shanghai Disneyland

It is known to all that it is funny to have a trip in Shanghai Disneyland, as it is the dreamland of so many kids, and it is worthy your visit if you are to have a travel to Shanghai. But before it, just check some reviews on the Shanghai Disneyland from other visitors’ experience there before and know about their suggestions.

1, Purchase tickets. There are many channels to purchase the Shanghai Disneyland tickets, including the official website of the Shanghai Disney Resort APP; the official WeChat public number; third-party websites, travel companies; on-site. Disney has always been different in my heart, so the tickets from the third-party websites are not trusted by me. So I bought the ticket from the official APP for a two-day ticket, one person cost 1038 Yuan, and if you buy the tickets from official WeChat public number, the lowest is 50% off, the highest 30% off, which is much cheaper.

2, Fast pass (FP). Before entering the Shanghai Disney, you must download the Shanghai Disney Resort APP in advance and bind it to your fingerprints to check the waiting time and performance time of the projects conveniently. Fingerprints are faster than passwords, which is good for the race against time to grasp the fast pass. The order of operation is, after security check, online purchase of the ID card, then you will obtain the ticket, and you can bound the game group on the APP, then the first time to open the fast pass, the most queued preferred project is leaping the horizon, thundering mountain drifting, creating speed Light wheel. If you grab a piece, you can grab the second one after two hours.

3, Premium customer card. This service is a new Disney project that is divided into Disney Premium Card Sets, Family Pack, Adventure Pack, and single project. And they can be purchased only after the tickets must be obtained. The price varies from day to day. For example, the first day the price of the Disney Premium Card Sets is 825 Yuan, the price of family PACK and adventure pack is 525 Yuan, and the price of single project is 150 Yuan. The next day they may become 660, 420, 120 Yuan. The single card and the free pass enjoy the same service, eliminating the queue for the initial project, but still need to queue when approaching the project nearby.

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