Three Gorges Dam

The cruise ship stops at Huangling Temple and then you can visit the Three Gorges Dam, which is the world’s largest hydropower project. To enter the Three Gorges Dam tourist area, you must first go to the tourist transfer center to take the tourist area sightseeing car to enter the Three Gorges Dam tourist area, and people and luggage must undergo strict security checks to ensure the safety of the Three Gorges Dam. The Three Gorges Dam Tourist Area has three sightseeing spots, namely Tanziling, 185 viewing platform and interception memorial garden. Tanziling is the best location for the panoramic view of the Three Gorges Dam. According to the lecturer, the Three Gorges Dam project includes the main building and diversion project, with a total length of 2308m and a dam height of 185m. The total investment of the project is 95.46 billion yuan.

The Three Gorges Hydropower Station has become the world’s largest water power station and clean energy production base. It shows the wisdom of the Chinese people and benefits a lot of people.

Here are some tips for your trip to Three Gorge Dam:

1, the ticket for the Three Gorges Dam is free of charge, but the fare for taking the car is 35 Yuan, and self-driving car can only park in the parking lot. 2, it is recommended to go there in good weather, or you cannot see the majesty of the dam. 3, the permanent ship lock can be experienced by boat, it will take a long time, and keep patient. 4, when you look at the ship lock at Tanziling, there is a hand-held elevator up the mountain, which is very convenient. And you can look at the upstream of the dam at 185 observation deck, which is next to the station where you transfer, don’t miss it. You can look at the front view of the dam at the interception park. If you catch the flood discharge, it will be perfect. 5, Self-driving car entering into the dam should apply for a pass, and do remember to bring a driver’s license and driving license.

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