The Year of the Rooster

The rooster is the 10th animal in the Chinese zodiac. It is the time of the rooster from 17:00 pm to 19:00 pm. When the year of the AD is divided by 12, the remainder of the result is 1, then it is the year of the rooster. The formula is that the number of the year÷12=a quotient, and the remainder is 1. For example: 2017÷12=168······1, then the year of 2017 is the Year of the Rooster.

Regarding the origin of the chicken zodiac, it is like this: the rooster king always seeks to prevail over others, and it stirs up trouble all the time and like fighting and brawling. When the Jade Emperor selected the zodiac, he considered whether it made contribution to human beings or not, then of course the rooster king could not be selected. One night, the rooster king couldn’t figure out anything about it. He couldn’t sleep, and flew straight to the Heavenly Palace. He came to the Jade Emperor and cried to the Jade Emperor and said that he evokes all beings every day, but he failed to be selected as the zodiac. He couldn’t understand why. After the talk, the Jade Emperor thought that the merit of the King of Rooster was really great, so he took off a flower in front of the hall and wore it on the head of the rooster king to show the award. After the rooster king woke up, he found a red flower on his head, so he wore it to see the four kings in the heaven. The four kings recognized the red flower and knew that the jade emperor valued the rooster king, so the rooster king was allowed to participate in the zodiac competition.

On the day of selecting the zodiac, the rooster and the dog got up at the same time, and they went in. When they almost arrived at the Heavenly Palace, the rooster was afraid of the dog to surpass it, and flew to the front. The dog rushed to catch up and never caught up, and the result was that the dog was ranked after the rooster in the list of Chinese Zodiac.

The zodiac rooster is regarded as being brave and aggressive, determined to make progress, to resolve the problem, and it is the symbol of peace and auspiciousness. There is a good auspicious meaning of home’s stability and couple’s harmony.

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