The Year of the Goat

The Goat is the eighth animal in the Chinese zodiac and is also known as “horse time” from 13:00 PM to 15:00 PM. When the year of the AD is divided by 12, the remainder of the result is 11, then it is the year of the goat. The formula is that the number of the year÷12=a quotient, and the remainder is 11. For example: 2003÷12=166······11, then the year of 2003 is the Year of the Goat. And the years of the goat include 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, 2039, 2051, 2063, 2075, 2087, 2099, etc.

In Chinese folklore, the goat sacrificed their lives for stealing grains and seeds for human beings. Humans planted grain seeds and grown crops that year. After the autumn harvest, people held a grand memorial ceremony to thank the goat for its kindness. The grand ceremonial ceremony provoked the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor thought of the emergence of grains in the human world and remembered that the goat brought it to the world. After finding out the situation, the Jade Emperor moved to anger the goat and ordered the Heavenly Palace to slaughter the goat in the world and asked people to eat the meet of the goat. The strange thing happened in the second year. In the place where the goat was executed, the grass was first grown. Later, the lamb was born. The goat passed down from generation to generation, grazing for a living, contributing selflessly to human beings with their flesh and milk. Human beings were grateful to the sheep, and they hold a wax festival every year to commemorate. When humans heard that the Jade Emperor wanted to pick twelve animals for the human zodiac and made them as God, people unanimously recommended the goat as such zodiac. Although the Jade Emperor was stunned by the things of what the goat did before, he had to agree that the goat become a zodiac.

The zodiac goat is regarded as a symbol of gentleness, kindness, harmony, grace, purity and nobleness. There is a good auspicious meaning of rich harvest wealth.

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