The Bund

The Bund is a testimony to the development of the city of Shanghai. The Bund, once the most prosperous financial center in the Asia-Pacific region, represents the essence of the Shanghai culture of that era! The buildings of different styles are a fascinating landscape. Nowadays, Shanghai is developing rapidly, and Lujiazui opposite the Bund has become a new landmark. The two sides of the Pujiang River complement each other and write the shining glory of Shanghai’s new era.

The Bund is one of the best destinations for Chinese city tourism. The Shanghai culture is indeed amazing. The Bund is the window for the Europeans and Americans to understand China. The air is filled with a strong perfume. If you don’t touch people at all levels in Shanghai, you won’t understand why you live in a bird cage? The narrow alley in the summer is the restaurant, the Shanghainese of the bathroom. Why are they so proud, why do they look down on all the outsiders? Featuring the international metropolis, the home base of Fortune 500 companies and foreign banks, the preferred place of the world’s luxury goods store, the China’s best quality education and medical resources distribution center, these elements are enough to explain everything.

Reviews on The Bund

In August 2018, I stayed in Shanghai for about three days. On the first night, I went to the Bund to see the city scenery. There were so many people on the Bund. The streets were crowded with people, and I fully experienced the gongs and drums, and the sounds of the firecrackers, all the people are full of excitement. The Bund is beautiful, and Lujiazui and Oriental Pearl on the opposite are even more beautiful.

Just we said before, there are a lot of people on the Bund in Puxi, but as long as you go a little north, people there will be much less, and it is easy to take up the position. Looking at the view of the Bund is pretty good, and you can pass by Citibank and Peace Hotel, where you can take a photo and keep it as a commemoration. In addition, clothes in Daimaru Department Store are still cheaper, which is a great choice for you if you want to go shopping after visiting the Bund.

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