Lingering Garden

The Lingering Garden is located at No. 338, Liuyuan Road, Tumen, Suzhou. It is well-known for its exquisite architectural layout and numerous strange stones. It is also known as the Four Famous Gardens of China together with Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden, Beijing Summer Palace and Chengde Mountain Resort. The Lingering Garden is a large-scale classical private garden in China. It covers an area of 23,300 square meters and represents the Qing Dynasty style. The garden is famous for its exquisite architectural style. The hall is magnificent and the courtyard is full of changes. Taihu Stone is the most famous with Guanyun Peak. The architectural space is exquisitely processed, and the gardeners use various artistic techniques to form the Garden space system which is featuring the special rhythmic, and it has become an example of the world-famous architectural space art processing. The Lingering Garden is divided into four parts, the east is mainly featuring architecture, the middle is the landscape garden, the west is a large rockery between the earth and stone, and the north is the idyllic scenery.

Visitors to The Lingering Garden is not very few, the fare is 55RMB/person, you can buy on the machine via Alipay directly, but do remember to bring your ID card.

The garden is still relatively large. After entering it, when you meet the rainy weather, you will feel it more charming. In fact, it is very magical. Although the surrounding life is noisy, when you enter The Lingering Garden, you will naturally feel calm, every scene in The Lingering Garden is with a sense of quaintness in the vicissitudes of life.

Through the ivy on the wall, the raining tiles, the bamboo forest and the doors and windows, you can suddenly feel a weak connection with the times, as if you can feel the people living in the yard at that time. Feel the temperament of that era, their aesthetic philosophy of their life.

This is completely different from the feeling of the Forbidden City. You can feel the breath of life in The Lingering Garden, feel the romance at that time, like a layer of crepe, although people are not there, things are still there, they are so quiet, standing here for a hundred years.

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