Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple is the landmark building in the center of Lhasa, you can see the Jokhang Temple Square from the Golden Summit of the Jokhang Temple. On the far right, it is the Potala Palace. The nearby willow tree is the “Princess Willow”. It is said that it was planted by Princess Wencheng. The layout of the Jokhang Temple is different from that of the Buddhist temples of Han Dynasty. The main hall is located on the east side and faces the west side. The main hall is four stories high and has a matching hall on both sides. The layout structure reproduces the ideal mode of the universe in the Mandala city in Buddhism. The halls in the temple mainly include the Sakyamuni Hall, the Tsongkhapa Masters Hall, the Songtsan Gampu Temple, the Bandan Ram Temple (the Dharmapala of Gelugpai God), and the Tibetan King Hall etc. Due to the tourist season, many halls are not open to the public. It is only open to general tourists at 14:00 o’clock in the afternoon. Tickets for Jokhang Temple are 85 yuan. It is recommended to check the introduction of each hall in the Jokhang Temple in advance so that you can gain more.

The interior of the Jokhang Temple is not allowed to take pictures. It is shocking. Only when you feel it yourself can you experience it. There is no time limit for visiting the Jokhang Temple. You don’t need an ID card when you buy tickets. The security check is also much better than the Potala palace. In the morning, there are many believers who worship, and among them, people will feel the power of faith. You can listen to the tour guide to explain it, or else you can only watch a lively event. The second and third floors of the Jokhang Temple can be visited, and you can take photos as you like. It is good to sit on the second floor for a rest after the tour.

The religious atmosphere of the Jokhang Temple is very heavy. There are some worshipers everywhere, it is very sacred and solemn. Come to Tibet and come to Lhasa, where you can feel the charm of Tibetan Buddhism very closely.

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