Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake in Dali is actually a relatively large lake in Yunnan. Because it is not by the sea, the locals imagine it as the sea. However, the scenery is really beautiful, and with such a good climate in Yunnan, staying here is a great life! Erhai Lake is a landmark attraction in Dali. It is suitable for cycling around the lake. And it is suitable for self-driving. It is about 120 kilometers long around the lake. Cultural attractions such as the Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple, the Film City, and the Dali ancient Town are concentrated in the West Bank. The double corridor on the east coast is suitable for walking along the Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake.

If you take the train from Lijiang to Dali in the morning, it takes about two hours on the road. When entering Dali, the train will follow the east bank of Erhai Lake. At this time, looking west through the window, you can see the village farms on the east coast of Cangshan Erhai and Erhai Lake. The scenery is from far to close, from high to low, which is very layered. Sometimes you can see the white cruise ship on the blue Erhai Lake. When it is very sunny on the day with good visibility, when the scenery of Erhai Lake in Cangshan suddenly appeare through the gap between the hills next to the railway and appeare outside the window, the amazing feeling is very good while you are sitting in the train.

Erhai Lake is not a sea, but it is as wide and blue as the sea. In the winter, in Erhai Lake, you can also see the red-billed gull from Siberia. Just find a good sea view room to stay there for a few days, so quietly bask in the sun on the side of Erhai Lake, feed the red-billed gull, and you will feel it very pleasant to be in a daze.

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