Dali Ancient Town

On the streets of the Dali Ancient Town, people come and go, and almost every store in every street, there is a lot of visitors. However, the downside is that every street, or the next street in the corner, it is too repeatable. You can see a lot of flower cake shops, the jewelry stores, the clothing store selling the same clothes, the tea shop selling the same tea; and a lot of restaurants, which are really repeatable. There are also many taverns where folk singers are resident.

Indeed, the entire Dali ancient town is neat, standardized, clear in division of labor and diversified in function. This urban area has been very successful in terms of urban planning and construction. On the bad side, too much repetition can make people lose their original freshness, feelings, and even have the sense of boredom; but on the positive side, repeating more can make a deep impression on these stores and these streets. Tourists have long-lasting memories and even can bring brand effects.

The streets of Dali Ancient Town are mostly not wide, and are divided into many sections, and there are many turns. This will help the development of small and medium-sized industries and various shops and restaurants in the city. An extensive road network provides intensive business points and avoids the dull street atmosphere. The increase in small markets has also made young people have more places to go. There are not only newer buildings on the streets, but also some old buildings. The flow of people in the ancient city is enormous. The large population density itself is enough to bring diversity. This promotes the prosperity of its business and guarantees the vitality of the entire city.

When you are having a trip there, for eating in the Dali Ancient Town, it is strongly recommended to eat near the school, you will eat a lot of delicious food which are also cheap! When walking around the streets and alleys of Dali Ancient Town, you will be very fond of the ethnic style of the Bai nationality, which are clean and refreshing without losing the atmosphere.

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