Chinese Zodiac Story

The Jade Emperor wanted to select 12 kinds of animals as representatives, and he sent the gods to tell the animals about this matter, and set the time to go to the Heavenly Hall to run for elections of the zodiac. Those who came earlier was to be ranked in the front.

The cat and rat at that time were still good friends. The cat loved to sleep but he also wanted to be chosen, so he told the rat to call him when he went to select the zodiac. But the rat forgot, but he went to the OX and said that he got up early and ran very fast, so told him to take him to go to the Heavenly Hall. The OX promised. At that time, the dragon had no horns, and the Rooster had the horns, the dragon said to the Rooster that you were already very beautiful, and there was no need for the horns, and asked the Rooster to borrowed the horns to him, the Rooster listened to the flattery of the dragon and felt very happy, and he lent the horn to the dragon, and called the dragon to remember to return to him on time after the selection of the Zodiac.

When it came to the time of selecting the zodiac, a lot of animals have arrived at the Heavenly Hall, but the cat was still sleeping. The rat sat in the back of the ox and after arriving there, he jumped ahead and then the Jade Emperor said rat came there earliest and ranked the rat in No.1 in the list of the Zodiac, and the ox ranked No.2, the tiger No.3, the rabbit No.4.

The dragon came late, but he was very big. The Jade Emperor saw him at a glance and found him so beautiful and then let him rank fifth. Then the snake in the back said: “I am sixth!”; horse and goat were also here, but they let each of them to be 6th. The Jade Emperor felt that they were so politely and let them rank seventh and eighth.

The monkey was originally behind, but he jumped on his own, and he took the clouds in the sky and jumped to the front, and then was ranked at the ninth; then the rooster and dog and pig were also selected. After the competition, the cat woke up and the rat just came home. Then it is chased by the cat from then on. This is the story about the Chinese Zodiac.

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