Black Dragon Pool Park

Lijiang Black Dragon Pool Scenic Area is located at the foot of the North Xiangshan Mountain in Lijiang Ancient Town. It is also the source of the world cultural heritage Lijiang Ancient Town’s water system. It was built in the second year of Qianlong. Here, the spring is spouting out, and the spring water is clear as jade, so that you can see the bottom of the pool. Not only the natural landscape of the Black Dragon Pool Park is beautiful, but also a large number of ancient buildings which were built in Ming and Qing Dynasties were gathered here: Deyue Building, Wukong Bridge, Wufeng Building, etc. It is really beautiful, you will see the excellent scenery here and there in the park, and cannot help stopping and lingering. The beautiful Naxi ancient architecture and clear water and the snow mountain are against each other, and the blue sky and white clouds and snow mountain are reflected in the pool, to make you fascinated. The acquaintance of Lijiang can also be called the beautiful meeting of people and beauty.

This attraction is free to the local citizens of Lijiang. Foreign visitors can enter by paying the maintenance fee of the ancient town. This is a People’s Park of the Lijiang version. The small lake formed by Black Dragon Pool is the best place for the whole park with the beautiful scenery. You can see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the Wukong Bridge. This landscape is very attractive to photographers.

To the north of Black Dragon Pool, there are two lakes and a small river. The big lake has a relatively better view. You can sit on the lake and appreciate it slowly. There are a lot of local old people here. Next to the small one there are fitness equipment and gather with a lot of children. More. There is a Dongba Culture Museum outside the scenic spot. If you are interested, you can visit it. It is also free. In short, the Black Dragon Pool park is well worth a visit, even though spending an afternoon playing in this park is not a waste.

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