Ancient City Wall

There are now 19 locations that can climb the Ancient City Walls, so everyone can climb the wall at the location which is near the place you stay. AnYoung Gate is very close to the train station, with the distance of 1 bus station, although there is Liberation Gate near the train station from where you can go to the city, in China too close to the train station, it is very crowded, so it is not recommended for you to climb the city wall from the Liberation Gate. Another important factor is that AnYoung Gate is very convenient to enter the subway station, and travel will be more convenient. There are a lot of hotels to choose from, and overall it is very ideal as a place to stay. You can refer to it.

The Ancient city wall opens at 8:00 in the morning. After boarding the city wall, of course, you can rent the bicycle, with the price of 45 Yuan per person, and 90 Yuan for two persons. (both take 2 hours, and it is 14 kilometers away, and you can finish the ride normally). And everybody needs to count cash and avoid unnecessary trouble before rending the bicycles. It’s really exciting to drive on the ancient city wall. And it is too wide there. And you will admire the wisdom and labor of the ancients. And two hours are quite abundant to circle around the Ancient City Wall, and even you are a girl, you still don’t need worry about it. Just safely wander around the ancient city and enjoy the beauty of the ancient city.

Here is one thing need to keep in mind that although you can climb the city wall at every location, it only has performances at the South Gate, which is Yongning Gate.

Just as we have mentioned that the city wall can be used for tourists to climb, can ride a bicycle, and there are seats for people to take a nap when they feel tired. The moat has been repaired and greened, together with the city wall constitutes a three-dimensional park around the city.

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