The Palace Museum

Being the capital of China, Bejing features so many attractions that are worthy a visit, and among which, The Palace Museum is an amazing place for you if you are interested in Chinese history and would like to explore the charm of the ancient architecture. So many people all over the world visit The Palace Museum every day, and they have different reviews and experience on it. Before visiting the famous Forbidden City, just have some reviews from other visitors to have some understanding on it in advance.

I was very excited before I went there. The Forbidden City really attracts so many people. Going to the Forbidden City also passes through Tiananmen Square, and it is also necessary to pass the security check. Tickets for the Forbidden City need to be bought online. There are no paper tickets now. We also bought tickets for the Treasure Hall and the Watch Museum. You can go into there with your ID card.

Tickets for the Forbidden City are 60 Yuan/person, the Watch Museum is 10 Yuan/person, and the Treasure Hall is 10 Yuan/person. It is a short walk from the hotel to Tiananmen Square and then passing through the Tiananmen Square to the Forbidden City. When we finally see the Forbidden City. It is really big, and the palace also is very big. I couldn’t finish visiting it within 1 day. The red wall is also very tall, and it seems that we are very small when under it. The people who lived in the ancient times can only look up at the sky and don’t know what the world is like. The Imperial Garden is smaller than that of we imaged before.

The Forbidden City closed at 17:00 p.m. o’clock on time, and the shop selling the cultural products of the Forbidden City are ready to close before 17:00 p.m. o’clock, and you are not allowed to buy if it is later than 17:00 p.m. o’clock. Fortunately, we bought it at the last minute, and there are many cute and creative souvenirs that worth buying as some products of the Forbidden City with special style cannot be found online. Do remember to buy it in advance if you want to buy souvenirs in the Forbidden City shops.